The 28th Annual AIA Austin Homes Tour on October 25-26, 2014 was a huge success.  The self-guided tour featured eleven homes in Austin with both traditional and contemporary designs, as well as renovation and new construction projects.  Our countertops were present throughout the beautiful home backing up to the Bright Leaf Preserve in Central Austin


Join us at the 28th Annual AIA Austin Homes Tour, a showcase of great design by local architects, on October 25-26, 2014. The self-guided tour will feature eleven homes in Austin with both traditional and contemporary designs, as well as renovation and new construction projects. 

Our quality craftsmanship is displayed in a Risinger remodeled home in Central Austin.  Please come out to view our work first hand and meet some members of Our Team.  

*see below for a sneak peak!

Tickets go on sale Sept. 25th and are $35 in advance, $40 the weekend of the tour. Advance tickets are available online, at AIA Austin, and Mockingbird Domestics and Zinger Hardware. 

AIA Austin Homes Tour

AIA Austin presents the 28th Annual HOMES TOUR!

So what, you say??

For eleven months out of every year, over 30 people devote a serious amount of time in planning what is one of the most prestigious tour of homes designed by architects – in the country!   The AIA Austin Homes Tour is the model for almost every design related tour in Austin and other AIA chapters in Texas and beyond.  Over 5,000 tickets are on the street for an event that lasts just two days.  More than 200 volunteers dedicate four hours or more to act as docents or cashiers.  Many of you volunteer and many that are not members – just architecture groupies! Almost 100 sponsors participate each year.  And, over 30 firms submit work to the Homes Tour Committee each year.   But still. So what?

Here’s what.  While Austin has many talented residential architects, we certainly have many more who have never put pencil to paper for a home design.   But once a year, somewhere in the range of 50,000 people become aware of architects and the work that they do through advertising and media exposure for the Tour.  They may not need to hire an architect now – but they “see the light” and recognize the impact that architects bring to all our environments.  That’s big.  

And for you, as an AIA member, the Tour brings something else very important.   The net income from the Homes Tour surpasses what your dues bring to the table.  It makes it possible for the Chapter to provide programming to K-5 students in seven schools each year.   It makes it possible to provide design competitions that benefit non-profits in our community.  It pays rent. And insurance.  And utilities.  And PR.  And offsets the expenses of over 18 committees, programs and events each year.  That’s big, too.

So – the 28th Annual Homes Tour is October 25-26, 2014.   Buy tickets for your friends, your clients, your staff.   Spread the love.

Sally Fly, Hon. AIA
Executive Director