1.  One of our sales representatives, will perform an extensive INTERVIEW to gather detailed information related to your project and will assist you with selecting the right material. The sales rep will then provide a clear and transparent BID for your REVIEW.  

2.  Next, one of our project managers will visit your house to measure, or TEMPLATE, the area where the countertops will be installed. Measurements of the countertops are taken using cutting-edge digital and laser technology.   

3.  Our engineering department will then transfer the precise measurements into a CAD DRAWING, a computer program that ensures the exact dimensions for an accurate cut.

4.  After our production team makes the final APPROVALS, the stone is sent to fabrication, and an install date is scheduled.


Park Industries Equipment - CNC TITAN

5. Our Fabrication Team will begin FABRICATION by placing your stone slabs onto our powerful wet saw which will cut the counter depth pieces using the dimensions from the Auto Cad drawings.  (Our top of the line, Park Industries Equipment wet saw called the UKON uses a circular diamond blade to cut through the stone.)  EDGING takes place once the counter-tops are cut, they are sent to our Park Industries CNC TITAN to create the preferred edge (eased, waterfall, bull-nose, etc) and sink cutouts. Clean up and FINISHING TOUCHES are applied by our specialized Hand Detail Team and countertops are staged for the installation crew.

6.  Our installation crew will carefully handle INSTALLATION of your new countertops. Our team can handle any plumbing disconnects and existing countertop removal and disposal as needed.  

7.  Finally, the same project manager that came to your home at the beginning of the project will perform the FINAL WALK THROUGH to ensure the finished job meets our standard of quality and that you, the client, is totally satisfied with the work and service performed.